Future-proof living, housing and business, with enough nutritious food for everyone: that is what we want to help facilitate. As a cooperative bank, we have integrated sustainability into our business operations. Through our inclusive approach, we aim to help clients and stakeholders gradually become more sustainable. To enable this, we use our financial solutions, knowledge and access to networks.


Rabobank wants to ensure that, by 2024, sustainability and tackling climate change are fully integrated into its business and innovation strategies and its day-to-day customer service.

Our Climate Report provides an overview of our commitment to the climate. It shows our approach and progress to date, as well as an overview of our goals for the future.

Transition to a sustainable world

With our cooperative mentality, we also work together to create solutions that benefit everyone. Solutions that are good for our clients, society and the planet. In doing so, we encourage the transition to a sustainable world in which the welfare of people, nature and the climate goes hand in hand with new earning models. We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and focus on contributing to the energy and food transition and the transition to a circular economy.